Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Easy Ways to Better Health in 2012

Everyone will want to be better in the new year are included in health problems. What to do in order to be healthier in 2012

At the turn of the year many resolutions to be created such as losing weight or be more diligent in the exercise. But sometimes it is difficult to do.

some easy tips that can be done so in 2012 to become healthier, namely:

1. Commitment to spend time with family meals.
Based on research conducted by the University of Minnesota, Harvard and Rutgers found that children and adolescents who have a habit of eating together with family tend to consume lots of vegetables, fruit, calcium, vitamins and better nutrition and less junk food. It also lowers the risk of bad behavior such as smoking, alcohol and drugs.

2. Doing yoga for 7 minutes a day.
By doing yoga for 7 minutes each day, then that person will have a better breathing techniques, more relaxed and able to control your emotions and thoughts. Yoga can be done in the morning before starting the activity and it never hurts to get up a little earlier.

3. Familiarize bed early.
Adults who are not getting enough rest time at risk of heart attack, stroke and obesity compared with people who have enough rest time. It is recommended adults have time to sleep between 7-8 hours and was ready to break half a hour before.

4. Make a little space in front of the television.
Make a resolution to reduce television viewing schedule is a very difficult thing to do. We recommend using the time to watch television while doing something healthy. For example by exercising in front of the television, such as a treadmill, sit ups, push-ups or aerobics. So a person can do two activities at once.

5. Provide a healthy snack.
Sometimes before arriving at lunch or dinner the stomach is felt hungry, so many people who intersperse time by eating a snack. Choose snacks that contain sugar and low fat, such as yogurt, pudding or fresh fruit slices.

6. Give 2 weeks.
Whatever the resolution to be achieved in the year 2012, make sure someone did at least for two weeks. Due within 2 weeks to process the human brain to make a decision about the dream to be achieved. If within two weeks it could go well, then the dream was only realized bsia.

But among all these tips, the most important is the strong intention to be able to have a much more healthy body and avoid the various diseases kronis.kronis.